Pitched Roofs

Installing a new pitched roof or looking to repair or replace your weathered one? As experienced roofing contractors we can advise you on the best roofing materials to fit the style of your property and your budget. Besides constructing pitched roofs using traditional slate and clay roofing tiles, we are also experienced in installing lighter, modern pitched roofing systems that may suit your building better. 

Our Pitched roofing services

  • Warm, cold & inverted roofs
  • Lead work
  • Roof decking & insulation
  • Chimney repairs
  • Tiled roofs
  • Slate roofs
  • Roof shingles
  • Mastic asphalt

Why choose NRS as your roofer?

  • Approved roofing contractors for many roofing systems
  • Insurance-backed roof guarantees
  • Public liability and employers liability insurance of£ 10 million
  • Roofers with more than 40 years' experience
  • Fast, free quotes with no obligation

Slate roofs

BEST FOR: New roofs ✓ Replacement roofs ✓ Roof repairs ✓ Homes & Garages ✓ Commercial ✓

Our slate roofing services range from installing new slate roofs to doing small repairs and roof refurbishments. Whether you prefer natural slate, reconstituted slate or a synthetic alternative such as cement fibre slate tiles, we can construct and insulate your new slate roof. In the case of slate roof repairs, we can also source reclaimed slate tiles to blend in with your existing roof. 

Tiled roofs

BEST FOR: New roofs ✓ Replacement roofs ✓ Roof refurbishment ✓ Homes & Garages ✓ Commercial ✓ Industrial ✓ 

We build, insulate and lay new tiled roofs and repair old ones. Today there is a huge variety of tiles to choose from. They come in all colours, shapes and materials - from the traditional clay tiles to those made of stone, metal, concrete, glass and composite materials. We can also source reclaimed tiles if you need to match a new extension to an older roof, or to replace damaged roof tiles.

Bitumen roof shingles

BEST FOR: New roofs ✓ Replacement roofs ✓ Roof repairs ✓ Homes & garages ✓ Commercial ✓ 

These fibreglass-reinforced bitumen shingles are also known as strip slates or asphalt shingles. They come in a very wide range of colours and shapes, and because they are flexible, they are especially good for roofs with complex or unusual shapes. However, they are a cost-effective, lightweight and long-lasting option for ordinary pitched roofs too. 

Mastic asphalt

BEST FOR: New roofs ✓ Replacement roofs ✓ Roof repairs ✓ Homes & garages ✓ Commercial ✓ 

Using mastic asphalt you can waterproof curved or sloping structures that consist of concrete, metal or wooden roof decking. This extremely versatile waterproofing material is usually used for commercial buildings. Mastic asphalt can be applied to flat, sloped and curved surfaces, and will provide seamless waterproofing around anything that projects through the roof.