Green Roofs

We are specialists in green roof construction. We have been the roofing contractors for buildings with both non-accessible living roofs (such as sedum roofs) and accessible roof gardens, where just certain areas are of the roof are planted. We have installed living roofs of all sizes across Sussex, Hampshire and Surrey, and would be glad to discuss your green roof project and show you examples of the roofs we have built.

Extensive green roofs

Extensive green roofs are also called non-accessible green roofs or living roofs. Usually the whole roof is covered in vegetation. Sedum roofs are probably the most well-known low maintenance extensive green roof option. There are also a range of biodiverse roofs, which have a wider range of plants, and so usually require more maintenance. 


Intensive green roofs

These are more commonly called roof gardens. They could include a whole lot of different garden features, including beds, lawns, walkways and water features. As green roof contractors, it's our job to make sure that every element of the garden is correctly waterproofed and protected according to its use. As a rule, intensive green roofs are more complex to construct. 


Building a green roof

When we install a green roof system we construct the roof decking if necessary. We then install the insulation and waterproofing layers. On top of that we then usually install a protective fleece to protect the waterproofing, followed by layers that both retain water in dry spells and allow excess water to drain. A lightweight alternative to soil is then laid to form a substrate, with either top soil or 'blankets' of plants placed on top of that. 
Some larger buildings combine the two green roofing systems, having sections that are covered in a mat of vegetation and others that are landscaped

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