Flat Roofs

With new roofing technologies, there are now many lightweight, long-lasting options for insulating and waterproofing flat roofs. Whether you need a cost-effective flat roof replacement for your garage, a high-quality insulated roofing system for your new extension, or a system that works for unusual roof shapes, we can advise you and install the best flat roof system for your budget. 

Our flat roofing services

  • Single-ply waterproofing membranes
  • GRP / Fibreglass flat roofs
  • Felt roofing / Bituminous membranes / Cold liguid applied roofing
  • Mastic asphalt
  • Hot melt roofing
  • Warm roofs
  • Cold roofs
  • Inverted roofs
  • Lead work
  • Roof decking and insulation
  • Chimney repairs

Why choose NRS as your roofer?

  • Approved roofing contractors for many roofing systems
  • Insurance-backed roof guarantees
  • Public liability and employers liability insurance of£ 10 million
  • Roofers with more than 40 years' experience
  • Fast, free quotes with no obligation

Single-ply waterproofing membranes

BEST FOR: New roofs ✓ Replacement roofs ✓ Roof refurbishment ✓ Homes & Garages ✓ Commercial ✓ Industrial ✓ 

Single-ply membranes can be used on new flat roofs or roof refurbishments. This roof waterproofing system is hardwearing and flexible. The most common single-ply membrane is PVC, available in a range of colours. Other popular options are FPO (flexible polyolefin), which is 100% recyclable, and TPO (thermoplastic polyolefin), which is used more for commercial roofs. You can use single-ply direct on plywood, concrete or metal decking with insulation. 

GRP /Fibreglass flat roofs

BEST FOR: New roofs ✓ Replacement roofs ✓ Roof refurbishment ✓ Homes & Garages ✓ Commercial ✓ Industrial ✓ 

Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) or fibreglass flat roofs are hardwearing and available in a range of colours and finishes. It is popular roofing material for replacing lead roofs, as it can be made to look similar, and the option of a non-slip finish makes it suitable for balconies too. GRP roofing consists of strands of fibreglass within a resin. 

Felt roofing and bituminous membranes

BEST FOR: New roofs ✓ Replacement roofs ✓ Homes & Garages ✓ Commercial ✓ Industrial ✓ 

This is also known as torch on felt, mineral felt roofing or bitumen flat roofing. It has traditionally been known as the cheapest flat roofing material, and has been popular for years. However, there are now many higher tech versions of multi-layer bituminous membranes which can be used on all types of roofs, guaranteeing years of good looking waterproofing. 

Cold liquid applied roofing

BEST FOR: New roofs ✓ Replacement roofs ✓ Commercial ✓ Industrial ✓ 

Also known as liquid plastic roofing, this roof waterproofing system is made of a very fast drying PMMA resin. As the name implies, we don't use any open flames to apply it. Most cold applied roofing systems consist of a two coatings which are applied using a roller. It is especially good to use if there is a lot of detailing on a roof, or there are areas that are hard to access.